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Investigation into the mycorrhizal status of miombo woodland on Debshan Ranch, Zimbabwe: a concept note 282
Mylonitization and decomposition of Garnet: Evidence for a rapid deformation and entrainment of Mantle Garnet-Harzburgite by Kimberly Magma, K1 Pipe, Venetia Mine, South Africa 262
Farmers' attitudes to Wild Dogs in the Limpopo Valley, preliminary report 224
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve (presentation) 221
The vegetation ecology of Ezemvelo and Telperion, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa 206
The Diamond Route Newsletter August 2013 199
Population trends, movements and habitat use of the Secretarybird 197
Heteroptera of Tswalu Game Reserve (photographs) 195
Aquatic biodiversity and baseline biomonitoring assessment for the Ezemvelo/Telperion Nature reserve, Gauteng-Mpumalanga, South Africa (2008) 193
White-backed Vulture research at Dronfield Game Farm 187
The baobab climate change record 187
Results of 5 years of vegetation monitoring in degraded grasslands of Ezemvelo/Telperion: a critical assessment 186
Report on the engineering geological map of the Venetia Limpopo Game Reserve 183
Population ecology of the Buffalo population on Tswalu Kalahari Reserve 181
Aquatic biodiversity and baseline bio-monitoring assessment for Ezemvelo and Telperion Nature Reserve, Gauteng-Mpumalanga (2008 to 2009) 180
Rehabilitation and release of hand reared Black-footed Cats (Felis nigripes) 178
The influences of catchment geomorphology and scale on runoff generation in a northern peatland complex 176
Scorpions of Tswalu Kalahari 175
Woodland Caribou movements in the James Bay Lowlands 174
Hot birds at Tswalu Kalahari: a progress report 174
Maharishi Ezemvelo Rural University: Research on consciousness-based Education and the transcendental meditation programme 174
The vegetation ecology of Ezemvelo Nature Reserve, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa 173
Caribou habitat use in the James Bay Lowlands 171
Guideline for conducting research on Diamond Route properties 170
Environmental factors influencing the occurrence of White-bellied Korhaan Eupodotis senegalensis on Telperion and Ezemvelo Nature Reserve 168
Ezemvelo - Telperion 2009 vegetation monitoring surveys - photopoints at survey plots 168
Wildlife management: Rooipoort aerial census (1996) 167
The Diamond Route: Future research possibilities 166
Movements of boreal Caribou in the James Bay Lowlands 160
A quick guide to the scorpions of the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve 160
Annual aerial census 160
Dronfield - Four decades of vulture research 154
Analysis of bird species at the properties of the De Beers/Oppenheimer Diamond Route 152
Tswalu Kalahari Reserve - amphibians 2006 152
Tswalu Kalahari Reserve - reptile checklist 2010 150
The physical and thermal characteristics of Aardwolf dens 146
Checklist of amphibians and reptiles of Tswalu Kalahari Reserve 144
Mammals of Telperion (Ezemvelo) 144
3rd annual Diamond Route Research Conference: programme 144
Butterflies of Tswalu Game Reserve - survey March 2013 143
Taking stock: Seven years of Conservation Skills Development and Training on Telperion, Mpumalanga 143
Tswalu Kalahari Reserve - mammals 141
Donation of Ezemvelo Nature Reserve to Maharishi Institute by Mr and Mrs Oppenheimer - handover celebration 14th August, Johannesburg 138
Africa Geographic reader question and answer: Pangolin & Aardvark sighting 137
Tswalu Kalahari Reserve: Tswalu Foundation projects 136
The dynamics of Buprestidae (Coleoptera) in rocky Highveld Grasslands of Ezemvelo Nature Reserve, Gauteng, South Africa 136
Oxidative status and social dominance in a wild cooperative breeder 134
Preliminary checklist of specimens collected at Tswalu Game Reserve - Spiders 2013 133
The ?Friends of Ezemvelo? Ezemvelo Nature Reserve, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng 132
Tracking Caribou by satellite in the James Bay Lowlands, Ontario 129